Mom Hack: Kid Kitchen Cabinet

by Emi



I love parenting hacks! Everyone has their own and I love when parents share these little secrets of how they keep things running smoothly at home! So here on Mom Blogs Suck, I will share some of mine. Here is one of my favorites: The kid cabinet.

The concept is simply a cabinet in the kitchen that is not child proofed and is free for the kids to play in. This is something that just happened by accident at first, and it can come in all shapes and sizes. At my mom’s house it was simply the cabinet that held her pots and pans. We made sure to remove anything dangerous – and then let my son have at it. Anything in there was free to be played with.

When my son was a crawler to a walker he loved to pull all the pots and pans out and bang on them with wooden spoons. As he got older he started to pretend to cook, and that’s what inspired me to put together a cabinet for him in my own kitchen. In our house he has access to a cabinet right at standing hight and on the top shelf there are lots of things that are kid-safe that he can play with. The bonus is that these are also all things I can still use when I cook or bake, so I wasn’t buying anything new or extra to be put in the cabinet, they were all just things I had anyway! So the things in my kids’ cabinet are:

  • silicon baking cups (I have two different sets that are different fun colors)
  • mixing bowls
  • spatula
  • sprinkles (sealed tight so they don’t spill everywhere!)
  • sealed non-alcoholic mini juice bottles (might sound weird but he loves them for the bright colors and that he can pretend to pour liquid from them)
  • Old easter egg dying cups
  • an empty vanilla extract bottle
  • cookie cutters
  • plastic toasting flute
  • decorative icing tools

He uses all of these to pretend to cook, most of the time while I am cooking dinner myself. It’s a free, safe and fun way for him to pretend play and entertain himself when we are busy cooking! Do you do this in your house? What would be in your kids cabinet?

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