Travel Tips with Tots

by Rae

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Recently I took my first road trip by myself with both kids. I thought
I would share what worked and didn’t work for me toting around two
littles and just about every baby and child product that can possibly
fit in a vehicle.

Was it difficult?     Yes.
Did I cry?     Yes.
Was it completely worth it just to get away and see little snippets of joy on
their faces exploring new places?     Absolutely.

Here are some things I brought that I would recommend to all traveling
parents brave enough to hit the open road with the little people:

  • New things!
    I went to half price books and got some reusable sticker books, magnet
    books, etc. These were life savors to pull out when we arrived and
    needed to unload the car, or while waiting at the ferry.
  • Travel High Chair
    At least you can restrain one child and contain the mess that is two
    children eating.
    We got the Fisher-Price Deluxe Booster Seat
  • Utilize laundry baskets
    I had two baskets full of things like blankets, diapers, formula,
    snacks. When all these things get used throughout the trip you have a
    laundry basket for dirty clothes and blankets which can be carried
    directly from the car to the washing machine when you get home.  Also,
    it makes it easier for dads to find things instead of digging through
    a bag (Can I get an Amen!?)
  • Gallon Ziplocks
    I have a toddler who insists on picking out her own clothes and I
    could just imagine what the room would look like after she found her
    clothes. I used a ziplock bag for each day which had an outfit, socks,
    pajamas, pull up, underwear. It worked so wonderfully and each day I
    had extra ziplocks for leftover snacks/garbage/dirty diapers, etc.
  • Seabands
    Yes, they make kid sizes! Four hours each way and no vomit. Hooray!
  • Disposable place mats
    From the dollar store, because you never know where you are going to
    be eating. Also they double as emergency changing pads when you lose
    yours (oops).What I should have brought but didn’t:
  • A travel potty
    Having to stop in inconvenient/sketchy places and take two kids in the
    restroom was incredibly stressful and just plain gross at times.  I
    could have just pulled over and used our potty chair without having to
    unload the baby.Things not to do:
    Never ever ever go on a ferry by yourself with two small children.
    There is no room for a stroller. You can barely open both car doors.
    The bathroom stalls are not meant for three people. The big metal
    stairs are too big for small toddler legs. When a two year old
    realizes how overwhelmed and unprepared you are they will take
    advantage of your weakness and run away from you on a giant boat
    leaving you in tears in front of hundreds of people feeling like a
    huge failure. Okay maybe that was just me… Does anyone have a
    success story or tips for managing the ferry ride?I have another trip planned in a couple of weeks so please comment
    with any tips you have!


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