Keepsake Nursery Art

By Rae


Before Grace and Gronk came along I was the least sentimental person and didn’t keep much of anything. Now the kids’ keepsake boxes are already overflowing. Here are a couple of easy ways to take memories and create something for your nursery or playroom.  I know my final products don’t look perfect but I’m learning to accept the imperfections of parenting. Starting with DIY projects.
Card Collage 
What you need:
Cards (baby shower or even first birthday!)
Paper cutter
Glue roller
Picture frame
Cardstock paper

1. Cut your favorite snippet from the card. I used a papercutter to make 2 inch squares becuase how could I screw that up? You could try a circle or heart if you are braver than me.

2. Use a photo quality glue roller to stick the squares to cardstock paper. Pick out cute paper that matches your nursery. I just used the boring paper that came in the frame – how embarassing.

3. Lay out all your pieces and decide which size frame works best for your collage. Order one from Amazon when you are up at 3AM unable to sleep becase you are pregnant/nursing/listening to your toddler use the crib as a trampoline.

This is one of my favorite things in Grace’s room and reminds me of how much love and support she had before she was even born!


Map Message 
Gronk’s travel themed nursery was such a blast to design. The hardest part was not buying ALL THE THINGS off of Etsy.  Instead, I used it as inspiration and made several things for his room. This sign was shockingly easy.

What you need:
Map-I used one from one of my husbands flights. Use one that has meaning to you! Or use one that you find shoved in the back of the glovebox from 15 years ago, it will still look cool.
Cute phrase- You can go with the nursery theme or browse children’s books for a quote.
Picture frame

1. Decide on the type of print you want (cursive, block letters, etc) and look up some examples. This step is some trial and error. Practice a few and decide what you like best.

2. Once you are semi-confident (or convince a friend to do it for you) pencil your quote directly on the map. If there is a certain size frame you have in mind fold the map to size first.
3. Trace with Sharpie. This step should be easy but I changed my mind about the color. I have a bit of a Sharpie problem. You can take the girl out of the classroom…
4. When the Sharpie is completely dry erase the pencil lines and frame it! Congratulations you just made something adorable and it didn’t cost $50!
If you decide to try one of these little projects please share your results with us!

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