Rainy Day Activities

By Emi

It’s been a rainy weekend for us, which is a bummer because the weather was finally getting so nice! So I thought now would be the perfect time to post some of my favorite rainy day activities to do with toddlers.

  • Paint
    Whether it’s just paint to paper, or going to a craft store and picking up some little birdhouses, painting is always a fun way to enjoy an indoor day. 
  • Bake together
    I love this Recipe  for a small batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I avoid having way too many cookies sitting around the house AND the recipe is simply amazing! 
  • Dress up!
    We pull out all the old halloween costumes and play! 
  • Build a fort, make a movie snack and watch a movie.
    We always drink water to help maintain a shred of healthiness but snacks usually include popcorn and treats. 
  • Get out all the books, and read as many as you can!
    We have a crazy amount of books, we keep some in each of my kids’ rooms and then the rest live on the bookshelf in the basement. So every once in a while I get a landry basket and swap them out. When I do this we take the basket to the living first and read through them all. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon reading, and it all feels new! Then pack them away in the basket and put them where they belong.
  • Have play time in the bath, and make bath paint out of things you have  at home! On a cold and rainy day I love to put the kids in a warm bath and let them stay in until THEY are ready to get out. So often bath time before bed ends in tears because they aren’t ready to get out yet (even when the water is ice cold). So on a rainy day I’l just keep adding warm water and let them stay in until they get bored. I throw together this Bath Paint Recipe  on days like these to make the bath extra fun.
  • Splash in the Rain!
    What better way to appreciate a rainy day than to play in it? We can’t do this so much anymore because of baby Rogue, but when we can we love to put on rain boots and go play in the puddles! 

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