Reset a bad day with these fun activities!

By Rae

Sometimes you just need a reset.

This week we returned from a vacation where we had a ton of outdoor fun and family surrounding the kids for three straight days.  As soon as we returned my husband left for a trip and the kids had the post vacation blues (okay, okay…maybe I did a little, too). Grace was having a DAY.  The day where you try to use your sweetest mom voice, make all their favorite meals, and even try the messiest activities they love and everything is “NO MAMA”.  There is not enough coffee (or wine) to cope with this level of failure. So I had to find a way to reset and snap her out of this funk! Before I snapped. Gronk was snoozing so we were stuck indoors. I threw together a few desperate activities that we hadn’t tried before. They were a hit and helped us all reset! Hopefully one of them works for you, too.


  1. Water bottle bowling

This activity was inspired by the ridiculous pile of recycling in my kitchen. Do I feel guilty about using so many water bottles for the formula machine? Yes. But look, I’m upcycling!


  1. Lego bath

Grace looked at me like I was crazy when I dumped her Legos into the bubble bath but she wanted to jump right in. Bonus: I have CLEAN Legos (has that ever happened??)


  1. Read magazines

Because anything that is not theirs is fun! I was impressed how intently she browsed each page looking for things she recognized. I even got to read a few articles.  As it turns out I can still read.  We looked through magazines for about 30 minutes, which is an eternity in toddler time.


  1. A dance party

When everyone is crying crank up the tunes and just dance it out – it always works for Meredith Grey, right? We were all laughing after a few songs.


Please share an out-of-the-box idea for my next “NO MAMA” day!

PicCollage 2

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