Keep those broken crayons!

By Rae

You are probably thinking I’m going to list 99 things you can make out of melted crayons. NOPE. Do you know what you can do with broken crayons? Color with them! Its science. I’ll be the first to admit that opening up a fresh box of crayons is almost as rewarding as opening up a new pair of shoes, but don’t be too quick to get rid of the old crayons. Using a shortened crayon (or pencil) encourages little hands to use the correct grasp. Instead of holding the utensil with their fist which most toddlers do, they have to use their fingers which is good practice and will build strength. So a broken crayon here and there is giving your little one practice for how they will hold their pencil when they go off to kindergarten (sniffle). I did a little research and found this article helpful to understand why. If you are interested in all the technical terms check out this post from an Occupational Therapist: Article


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