3 reasons I’m super excited about age 3!

By Emi

I missed my usual Sunday post but for good reason, Superman celebrated his third birthday! It’s a big milestone (well as is every birthday I guess until you don’t care to keep track anymore!) and it got me reflecting like I do and thinking about how much Superman has grown! Many people have warned me of the “threenager” stage, and maybe I’ll eat these words later, but I am SUPER excited about him turning three! I mean, the whole attitude of a teenager is supposed to be the WORST, I get told again and again that I need to be mentally prepared, but the truth is I’m just so darn happy to be done with twos and moving on to what, so far, seems way more fun! So I’ve managed to sum up why I’m so excited about age three in three reasons! Hopefully you can relate, or it will help you look forward to your own tot graduating to year three (and not worry so much about the apparent looming attitude problem).

  1. Communication.
    Superman’s speech has exploded recently, and that along with his growing intellect I finally feel like I can be a part of his world! We can talk about things he likes, doesn’t like, observes. He can tell me things he notices and explain things and I (for the most part) understand! This is a whole new world for us and I can’t WAIT to have bigger, more complex conversations as he grows! (Even if they are just about his star wars shoes and the fact that he is wearing them).
  2. Friendships.
    Superman spent his day yesterday with his very best friend (actually Rae’s little one, Grace!) And while he has had “friends” in the past, they were really more just little ones that he played near. Now I watch as he develops real relationships with other kids. He empathizes with his sister, Rogue, when she’s sad and really genuinely loves to play with her. He gets excited to see Grace. He wants to play with others in a way that they both get something out of it… it’s precious and leaves me taking WAY too many pictures!
  3. Confidence.
    In years one and two Superman was notorious for being very cautious. He was never the running-full-speed-into-the-furniture kind of kid. And while I’m grateful because it meant less accidents, I also always hoped he would shed a little of his fear and really get out there and try some new things without us parents having to persuade him. Well, as we have rounded the corner of year three I already see him blossoming as he gains confidence in himself. It’s so exciting to watch him trying things, climbing, investigating, learning… well and of course getting into more trouble!

So if your little one is nearing three, and you’re just so tired with those terrible twos you aren’t sure you can take it, fear not! Three might come with a little ‘tude, but it is certainly full of the most giggly, creative, idea-sharing, tree-climbing, I’m-wearing-shoes declaring days you have ever seen! I’m excited and I think we’re gonna love it.

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