Beach Baby Tips

By Rae

Recently we took a road trip to the coast for our first family beach trip! Armed with sunscreen, beach toys, and swim diapers we were sure to have a good time! Here are some planning tips and some things I wish I would have done differently.

1. Location!
We opted for a condo instead of hotel room. We had a kitchen, space for two high chairs and an area for the kids to play. A second bedroom was super helpful so we could spread out the pack n plays. Being able to cook in house and do laundry is worth every penny! I know that doesn’t sound very vacation like… But with two little ones it’s true! Being walking distance to the beach is also a huge plus. You have more flexibility and can do short trips depending on everyone’s mood and how crowded it is.

2. Bedtime departure
We decided at the last minute to leave a night early and depart at bedtime. Pro: the kids slept the ENTIRE drive. Con: we missed out on the scenery. Verdict: worth it.

3. Be flexible!
Don’t feel bad falling back on pull ups or easy ups if you have to, feeding your kids fast food in a pinch, or renting a movie because everyone is exhausted. Vacation with kids throws everyone off their game a bit. Just enjoy your time together and don’t sweat the small stuff!

4. Travel books
I have found the best books to pack! Highlights Hello magazine. They are thin and light. The stories are engaging and the books include games and songs. They are tough and laminated so you can wipe them down when they get covered with food, sand, etc.

What I wish I would have brought:
1. The baby monitor
Since the condo was pretty big and had a balcony it would have been nice to put the kids down and sit on the deck with the monitor (and adult beverage).

2. A beach bag
I thought my awesome Diaper Dude backpack would be fine but you end up taking so much extra stuff (hats, towels, toys, sandals) I ended end up overloaded with a messy sandy diaper bag. So bring along a beach bag for all the extras!

Hope this is helpful while planning your summer beach trip!

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