Mom hacks for a small kitchen

By Rae

The last time we moved we gained a great playroom space but I lost about half my kitchen space. On a stay at home mom budget I had to get creative to fit everything in! Oh how I miss the container store… Here are a few things that helped me find space for all the kid stuff!

Small kitchen problems and solutions:

Problem:Shallow drawers that jam with the piles of kid utensils, sippy cup lids, straw cup parts, etc.
Solution: A desk organizer.
Problem:Deep narrow pantry.
Solution: Earth’s Best baby food boxes to organize jars and pouches.
Problem:Not enough drawer space for bibs.
Solution: Hang clean bibs on the back of the high chair. They are right where you need them!

Side note: I only use Bumpkins pocket bibs. They keep baby dry and the pocket catches crumbs. I even break the rules by putting them in the washer AND dryer and they have lasted almost three years! 

Problem:Not enough cupboard space for bottles and toddler dishes.
Solution: Add an under the shelf basket for more shelf space!

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