7 ways to make extra money on the side

By Emi

Most of us have been there, when you start googling “work from home” and scouring the internet for jobs you can do yourself to bring in a little extra cash that isn’t a scam. It’s frustrating, because you know there is stuff out there, but like me, you may be trying to avoid selling make-up, accessories, jewelry  etc, by hosting parties. Those are great and all, and not to disrespect anyone who does them, I have some friends who do and they love it and it’s working really well for them – but for me it simply wasn’t an option. Most of those “work for yourself” type companies require you to pay a lot of money up front for their starter kit before you can even start selling. When my husband and I wanted some extra money we just didn’t have the budget for hundreds of dollars to spend before we could get started. So we did a lot of research, tried a lot of things, and here is our list of our favorite ways to make some extra money when things get tight (or just cause you have the time)!

  • Host Trivia
    Unknown-3You’ve probably been to bars that host trivia. It’s becoming really popular! My husband became a host just one night a week regularly and could pick up extra shows when he had the time. The pay was great for what it was (a fun time with minimal time commitment) and the company provided all of the equipment and game information. All he had to do was print off the game sheets, which he did on our home computer. Easy peasy. It was also a lot of fun for me! It became our regular Tuesday night out, we even brought the kids and our families would meet us there for dinner. Big bonus? A lot of the bars give the hosts free drinks (non alcoholic usually) and the really awesome ones give you a free meal too! There are several companies who do trivia. The best way to get info is to just ask the host at a trivia night! They will give you the name of the company and may even know if they are hiring.
  • Drive for Über or Lyft
    images-1Again hubby did this one, and it is an awesome way for people to make some extra income. You use your own car and phone, then drive when you can – the companies provide everything else. So if your schedule is one with more inconsistent times available, this is a good gig!
  • Be a Task Rabbit
    UnknownNot offered in all cities, but if it is it’s a great way to get some work with skills you probably already have. Can you run errands for someone? Do yard work? Clean? This is the place for you. They do take a chunk of the money you earn, but the “taskers” tend to price their payment with that in mind. Just make sure you have a look at what other people with similar skills and experience charge per hour to give yourself a good idea of what the going rate is.
  • Be a babysitter/nanny
    Unknown-2I was not thrilled as a parent with the big nanny sites, but on the flip side I have found a lot of good work with really nice families through care.com. If you have experience with kids and (of course) love working with them, this is a great way to make extra money. There is a pretty wide array of times and days parents are looking for, be it daytime, date nights, regularly scheduled or just for a once in a while type gig. I even managed to find a few families that didn’t mind if I brought Superman along with me! The key to making that work was to find kids of similar ages to my own kid so that they could be playmates, you would be surprised how many parents actually prefer that sort of set up!
  • Work with animals
    Unknown-3Both care.com and rover.com are good places to find extra work walking or caring for animals. Experience is a must here too because people want to make sure they are dealing with someone who likes and is comfortable with their animal, but the pay is usually pretty good and if you like animals it’s a pretty great way to spend your time! Also think about providing overnight care if you have the home for it. We thought about that ourselves, but it can be difficult to get clients if you already have a four legged friend of your own.
  • Freelance online
    Unknown-4Have skills in the writing, editing, design type fields? Take a look at upwork.com . I found a few jobs on here for writing and editing work that paid well and didn’t take too much time. The pay is stress-free too because the client puts the money in escrow through the site before you hand in your work, so no freaking about not getting paid! Here the jobs are usually a short term commitment but that means you can apply for a job when you know you have time to complete it, even if you aren’t sure what life looks like months down the road.
  • Sell your crafts
    imagesIf you are a crafter, you probably know about all of the wonderful ways to sell those online. Etsy and amazon handmade are just a couple places that are great for those who love to DIY and have the time to do it. Here is another idea though, local festivals. For a while I tried my hand at making wine charms and sold them at our town’s summer craft festival. There is a little money upfront here because you have to pay to participate, and sometimes you have to provide your own tent and tables (which we borrowed) But if you do have a little money to spend up front (less than $100 usually) this is a great way to sell what you enjoy making anyway!

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