Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

By Rae

Let’s hear it for the Dads! They try so hard don’t they? I know my baby daddy always keeps me laughing and is a great partner to wrangle my dynamic duo.  If you want to show the Dad in your life how much you appreciate him with an awesome gift, here are some ideas.


For the Dad who likes to cook:

These are so fun and great for those “What’s for dinner?” nights when you just can’t decide what to make. Well that’s pretty much every night at my house.

I don’t know how we have gone so long without this tool. Piles of chopped food can easily be scooped up and transferred to a bowl or the pan without dropping half of it on the floor.  I think my dog has lost five pounds since I purchased this.

This is more convenient than plugging in the Cuisinart and easier to clean than a garlic press! We use it almost daily for garlic, ginger, herbs.

This is a fancy fish filet knife that has worked great.


Adult beverage themed gifts:

The gift that keeps on giving all year.  I used this one and there were no complaints.

I really love how this one comes engraved and includes its own acrylic stand. This is an expensive gift but the pumps are so fun! If you entertain a lot this is well worth it.

We have done lots of personal taste tests and this does make a cheaper bottle of red taste like a more expensive bottle of red wine! For the affordable price it exceeded my expectations.


Something personal:

  • Leave sweet notes with his favorite snacks, treats, and beverages hidden around the house

I did this for our first father’s day celebration, it was so affordable. I used free printables from Pinterest. Here are some great ideas from the Crafting Chicks

  • Something related to his favorite show or movie.  Just put a search in on Etsy and you will be amazed at what people have come up with!

This magnet is great for Star Wars and Game of Thrones fans!


Grown up Game Night:

If the dad in your life is not easily offended and enjoys group games, these are the games that will make you laugh until you cry.


Happy shopping!


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