Fit Friday

img_1087By Emi

Hi friends! Today marks my first of many “fit first Friday” posts, in which I will (on the first Friday of every month) highlight a form of fitness along with tips and facts. Firstly to answer a simple question, why? Well I think we are all somewhat fitness conscious, whether it is to get back into our pre-pregnancy jeans, to lower our blood pressure or just to feel better. Everyone has their reasons to try to get in more exercise, so for my first installment I want to lay the ground work for how I will be talking about fitness, along with some facts you should know.

First of all I am not here to make you feel guilty! You do what you can, and I’m not here to tell you that you aren’t doing enough. I’m just here to lay out some ideas, and give you some tips. I hope to try a new type of fitness activity each month and give you my run down on it, so that maybe you read about something you want to try yourself! Because in my opinion keeping fit is hard enough… you should at least be doing something you can enjoy and there are A LOT of options out there to get you active! So each month I will be highlighting a new one! (Feel free to drop me a line with something you would love to see us talk about here!)

Now, in talking about weight loss there is some new research I should share. You may not know this, but research shows that it is your diet, NOT exercise that is best attributed to weight loss. Surprised? I was! And it’s good news right? It was for me anyway. As someone who really tries to get in some good exercise but doesn’t always find the time I was pretty relieved to know I was doing more good by just eating better than eating whatever I can find, then trying to get in a run. So this is a good place to start. Of course exercise helps, but only when we are eating right to begin with, otherwise we are fighting an uphill battle! Fuel your body with the right nutrients, a healthy diet, and you are getting off on the right foot!

While exercising alone isn’t about weight loss, it still is INCREDIBLY good for you!! There have been a lot (and I mean LOTS) of studies on exercise, and friends, the numbers are in, and there is no doubt just how awesome getting in exercise is for you. And here is more good news, the amount of exercise we need is more obtainable than you might think. According to the research, you only need:

 30 minutes of moderate activity a day, 5 days a week.
Or you could do
25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity 3 times a week plus 2 days of strength training.

We just need to find the 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Thats all! Which isn’t that bad!

And personally I want to do something that is fun, while still hitting that recommendation. So that is the goal of Fit Friday Posts. I will be trying something each month, writing about it, and filling you in on not only the experience, but what the health benefits are of that particular exercise. My hope is to peak your curiosity or answer some questions about certain exercise that you are curious about.

So for now, let’s get to eating better, and getting out more to hit that recommended goal! Next week I’ll be talking about Hiking and Walking!


American Heart Association’s Recommendations

NY Times article on losing weight

Incidental economist article: exercise is really good for you


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