Marriage is a Multiplayer Game

By Emi

I am not a gamer. Not even close. I like reading, watching movies, playing pretend with my wee ones. My husband on the other hand loves gaming. As long as I’ve known him (umm going on 17 years now) he has played computer games and video games. Ever read “Ready Player One”? This novel is his spirit animal. Anyway, while we go out of our way to share in each other’s interests (I take him to see plays, and he teaches me about technology, like the time he taught me how to build a computer – but that’s another story) gaming is not one that I hold much curiosity in. Sometimes it can get frustrating, how into it he is, when I am just clueless as to what the heck the mission is and what everyone is talking about on those headsets. BUT… one night our kids got to bed way early, we had time to hang out (which NEVER HAPPENS) and even more astonishing, we had the energy to stay up rather than hit the pillows as soon as the kids were snoring. So I got an idea… why not try out gaming together? It seemed like a silly notion, I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to try playing although I was sure I could rule out “Overwatch” (a popular first person shooter game my husband and his buddies play).

Now here is the really great part about deciding to get to know something my husband is really into, not only was I opening myself up to learn more about him, but he was so excited to share it with me! As soon as I suggested it he happily started a search to find a game that would be just right for us to play together and within a few minutes we had settled on “Chariot”. It is an awesome two player (“Couch co-op”) game involving team work, a simple storyline and tasks that have to be completed together. The plot is that you are a princess and her fiancé, who are transporting the king, who has died, to his tomb. You work together to transport the body in a funeral wagon, but it’s not a dark game, it’s really pretty funny! You go up and down hills pulling and pushing the wagon together, all while trying to collect gem stones. There are a lot of cases where you try to reach gems that are more difficult to get to, and that’s when you really have to come up with a plan, communicate and work together to lift, pull and climb with the chariot up to more valuable stones.

Not only did I enjoy playing the game (really it was a blast!) but my husband and I discovered something brand new to do together, something fresh that really challenged us. That can be hard after almost 6 years of marriage and being friends since the 8th grade. When you get into a routine, which is essential with kids, you sometimes forget to break things up and try new things. And I think, we can get so focused on taking care of our little ones we sometimes forget to take care of the relationship that started it all, and that starts with having fun together! Picking up gaming together was not only something fun to do together but turns out is pretty ideal with having kids in the house! We can pick up a game whenever they happen to be asleep so no planning ahead, and no babysitter required. We just plop down on the couch and play until we hear the distant sounds of “moooooom!” *Sigh* 🙂 But until those cries occur we huddle in the dark living room lit by the screen, shushing each other’s giggles as we try to lift a magical funeral wagon up to floating pieces of earth to a magical glowing stone. Who could ask for a better date night?


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