Mom Tip Monday: Busy Mom’s Baby Book

By Rae

Before I had kids I was sure I would be that mom with the most incredible baby book. You know the one with the fun corresponding stickers and pockets for locks of hair in snippets of ribbon. Well I learned ain’t nobody got time for that. And by nobody I mean me. Grace was two and I had nothing! I felt like such a scrapbook loser. Then Snapfish saved the day. I uploaded my monthly pictures, chose a cute background and was even able to personalize it with “stickers”. I typed in notes about each month, complete with parenting adventures and funny things dad said like “Can’t we just give her some of those circle things kids eat?”
It was so easy and I’m happy with cute it turned out. It’s not “handmade” but it’s still special to us and full of all the important stuff!  So if you are busy mom doing important things like sprinting with a kid in each arm to catch a glimpse of the trash truck and reading the same book 14 times per day, this might be the baby book for you!

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