Mom Hack: Create your own note cards


By Emi

img_1025I’ve turned writing thank-you’s into a toddler activity! I’m not gonna lie, writing thank you’s especially with kids in the house can be a pain in the butt. There is finding the cards, finding the time to write on the cards, making sure I don’t forget anyone, stopping Superman once he notices I am using a pen and decides this is actually  a toddler activity. I am guilty of forgetting to write Thank You’s every now and then, but I really do think it is one of those things that shows wonderful manners, that people don’t always do anymore. I try to be good at it, and I want my kids to learn that it is important to take the time to write a hand written thank you! And really, who doesn’t like getting snail mail (what a novelty these days)! So I write thank you’s for my kids, and will eventually have the kids write them themselves but right now, while Superman is too young, he can help in other ways!

I make it a toddler activity after all and you can too! It’s an awesome way to take what can be a chore, and make it a fun kid craft! First, buy blank note cards like these. I then get Superman to decorate the front, with paint, stamps, crayons… whatever he feels like. The result is always both super cute, and frankly kind of artsy (like maybe I actually spent a lot of money on these designer cards! haha) . Grandparents get a kick out of the personal touch, and it gets the kids involved in the whole “thank you writing” thing before they can really write! Win-Win!

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