To my long distance friend, I’m sorry I never call.

By Emi

I haven’t been the best friend lately. I tell myself that every time I think about calling you and it’s been so long since we had a good phone chat. I haven’t called in so long, that it’s easier to just not call. The longer I don’t call the worse it is… it’s the guilt, it’s the fact that I have nothing all that interesting to say. My life these days are kid adventures scattered between potty training and spit up… so much has changed! All I really want to do is meet you for a beer somewhere, but we can’t. The longer I wait to call the worse it gets and the less I want to call, because I feel like I’m letting you down as a friend. You are always so thoughtful, always so supportive, always cheerful and forgiving once I finally do just get my butt in gear and call you, and for that I am so grateful. Because you see, even though our lives are so different and we are far apart I know that you don’t hold it against me that we don’t talk like we used to. I read those things online about the friends who will always be friends even as their lives take them different places and I hope you feel that way, that we will always be friends even when we don’t talk for months at a time.

We go way back you and I, we have been together through important life events; college, relationships, summers and holidays. While our lives were once filled with getting dressed up and hitting the bar scene, it’s now about weddings, babies and buying houses. I sometimes want to step back into those college days and sit drinking tea with you, when things were much simpler and our only real stresses were of looming finals. As life moves us forward and other friends have faded away we have stayed connected. I want you to know that those memories, all of them, will always stay with me, and you, dear friend, are always in my heart. I think about you way more often than I actually call, or write. Even though we don’t get to visit often, if at all, when we do I hope things always fall right back into place and our friendship picks up where we left off. Because I love you, long distance friend and I hope we are bffs 4-ever! 😉

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