Six Registry Regrets

By Rae

You would think with all of the lists available online, recommendations from friends, and checklists they give you at the store that it would be impossible to mess up a baby registry. Well leave it to me, friends! Even after two kids there are things I wish I would have registered for, so here is your opportunity to learn from my mistakes. I have included links to some of my favorite items.


1. Double Stroller

Even with my first baby it would have been great to have this. If you have friends with babies think of how much easier walks and shopping trips would be! Even though Grace is definitely old enough to walk most of the places we go now, it would be really convenient in some instances to strap her in especially when I’m by myself with both kiddos.  Just having the option of being able to strap them both into something would give me some sense of comfort that I have any control over a situation (which I usual don’t!).

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller





Britax 2015 B-Agile Double Stroller





2. Toddler drinking/feeding supplies

I guess I thought I would just feel like going shopping when I needed all of the utensils, sippy cups, straw cups, plates, snack bowls, etc. Or maybe I had just been at Buy Buy Baby for four hours with my husband and we were both completely exhausted so we scanned some bottles and ran straight to happy hour. Probably the latter.  The self feeding stage comes pretty quickly and some babies are picky so register for a variety of tools to have on hand when you need them!








Suction bowls

Snack Catcher

Sippy cup trainer

Oxo straw cup

Munchkin Straw cup with weighted straw

3. Stuff for ME!

The shower is for YOU and the baby! Don’t forget about yourself! You might want a nice robe for the hospital, some pajamas that are easy to breastfeed or pump in, and some giant comfortable yoga pants to thrown on when people stop by, to bring you food I hope.  I also could have used some comfortable kitchen gloves to use when scrubbing bottles 75% of the day, and nice hand cream.



4. Snapfish Giftcard

You are going to take about 50 pictures a day. In addition, a lot of hospitals offer photographers that come take newborn pictures and give you a (really expensive) thumb drive with the pictures. At some point its nice to put some on the wall! I also made photo gifts for family members with newborn pictures so this would have really helped out.


5. Baby Brezza Formula Pro

I don’t know what I ever did without this amazing contraption! I am so grateful that a savvy grandma got me this gift that I did not even know existed “just in case”. Grace had to wait for us to mix the formula then heat up the bottle. Gronk knows the sound of the machine and usually calms down as soon as I push the button!

6. Travel High Chair

There are so many baby containers right?! This one is worth it.  Great for going to friends houses that don’t have kids as well as hotels. You don’t know how much you need this until you have to hose off your stroller after trying to improvise…



Are there any other less obvious items you wish you had registered for?


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