Getting Toys for Cheap

By Emi

I love a good deal, really who doesn’t? One place I especially love getting good deals is stuff for the kids. They outgrow, lose interest or break things at a rate that makes buying things for full price undesirable to say the least. Some things are nice to get new, and sometimes it just can’t be avoided, but there are a lot of places to look for discounted or even free kids stuff, and here are some of those places!

  • Garage Sales
    A good garage sale is really a wonderful thing! I have to say “good” because some garage sales are just better than others. There are the ones mainly full of junk, where you awkwardly look around the piles of things you don’t want and have to slink away when no one is looking, but then there are the amazing ones, the ones filled with toys and books in gently used or even like new condition. The tables of your kids’ favorite things, things you were looking for anyway, and things you didn’t even know you wanted! These sales are gold! This is prime garage sale season too, so check some out to stock up on great stuff for the babes!
  • Second hand shops
    This one seems obvious and yet I am guilty of forgetting to check these places for toys, furniture and clothes that I need for the kids. These places are always filled with great prices and are picky about the condition of the items they sell, so no sifting through someone else’s worn out stuff. Once Upon a Child is a well known one that is in most cities! Check them out!
  • Buy Nothing Groups
    This is a Facebook group that sets up a private group based on where you live. Once connected with the group you will be able to post things you are giving away, and scan through what others are giving themselves. It’s not specifically for kids but if you live in an area with lots of families there are sure to be some kid items that pop up!
  • Local Neighborhood Facebook groups.
    I have bought and sold lots of stuff on my local neighborhood “mom page”. You can usually find these through friends on Facebook or sometimes just by searching for your neighborhood. They are usually private groups , so you have to ask to be added. This will be a community group that will trade and offer up items for sale sometimes. They might have their own dedicated sale group though, so make sure you read their official rules before posting things since they might have rules about selling on the page.
  • “Next Door”
    This is a website and app that allows you to join a social network of your neighbors. They only allow you to join the neighborhood you live in and you have to provide your name and address. You are then connected with people who live in your direct area. The advantage of this is you aren’t connecting through Facebook if you can’t or don’t want to do that. Here people post a wide array of things, from things they are selling, things they are looking for, as well as suggestions for things in the area and some entertaining busy-body-ness thrown in there from time to time.

Are there any that I missed? Share your favorite way to save dough on kid items!


  1. Totally with you on this – there are so many cool finds to be had. I once bought a second-hand Cozy Coupe car for £5, bought a can of black plastic spray paint for £4 and some Batman stickers from the pound shop and turned it into a mini Batmobile – the boys went NUTS and it was so cheap! There are always cool finds to be had if you shop around! Great post 🙂

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