Anniversaries: they don’t have to break the bank!

By Emi

Wedding anniversaries should be kept special, of course! It’s the only day you have that is about both of you. It is a celebration of the day you made a commitment to one another and also that great party you had that you will never get again. But I think it’s important to remember that this anniversary is a time to reminisce, not drop cash on gifts (I’m looking at you expensive jewelry stores and your tear-jerking commercials). Gifts are nice, but I think being thoughtful, cute and just using the day to appreciate one another is a lot more meaningful! So, in order to make anniversaries fun, thoughtful but not a money commitment my husband and I decided a few things early on. We would only make a big deal out of the ones that are a big number (the first, fives, and tens), and we would follow the “anniversary themes” to help us come up with clever gifts for one another. Gifts in general are only given on the big anniversaries, and while we always celebrate every anniversary, the in-between years (like this year, which is 6) is more low key, with maybe a dinner out, with or without kids and popping some bubbly.

There are a few different anniversary theme guides. There is a new/modern one, a traditional one, and a more in-between one as well as different ones for the US and UK. We follow an in-between one that makes gift giving a bit more fun. It is the following:

  1. Paper
  2. Cotton
  3. Leather
  4. Fruit/Flowers
  5. Wood
  6. Sugar
  7. Wool
  8. Bronze
  9. Pottery
  10. Tin
  11. Steel
  12. Silk
  13. Lace
  14. Ivory
  15. Crystal

For year one we both happened to go with paper folding. I made my husband a paper fortune teller (or cootie catcher from my middle school days), with little romantic notes at the end. He made me an origami butterfly… yeah he totally won.

Year five my husband got me some wooden earrings, and I bought a Jenga game and wrote memories of the past five years on each brick. I like to think I won that time.


If you need inspiration for these themed anniversaries I highly recommend good ol’ Pinterest! People come up with the most creative stuff, and admittedly thats where I came up with the Jenga idea. Recently I was researching 6-year ideas, to come up with something small and cute and saw this:



… adorable right??





So get creative and do something memorable! If you have an anniversary coming up, happy anniversary! I hope it’s special in your own way! And I hope you get at least a little “mommy-daddy time” 😉

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