How to make a spaceship out of a cardboard box

By Emi


If you order stuff online like we do (because really with little kids around the house who has the time to go OUT shopping?) you probably have a pile like this at any given moment:

Photo May 06, 5 57 12 PM

I love the idea of doing something creative and fun with these boxes, rather than just recycle them, but most of the stuff I find on pinterest is on some crazy expert level of cardboard box architecture that I just can’t compete with. But I haven’t let that get me down ’cause here is the truth, your kid doesn’t care what your cardboard master piece looks like. They just want to help, and they want to get to play in a box! My go-to for cardboard box crafts are spaceships, mainly because there is an element of the fantastical there, lots of buttons and knobs that look cool but aren’t too specific, it’s perfect.

I always use the biggest box I have, but it doesn’t have to be huge to win with the kids. I have used ones that both Superman and Rogue can both fit in, and others that are more Rogue-sized. When I’ve picked my box the first thing I do is let Superman (and Rogue when she’s older) start helping to decorate.

Photo Jun 24, 9 29 47 AM

While they are busy I start hunting around the house for fun things to attach to make it interactive. I usually find things like left over party plates, labeling stickers, string. The spaceship below I even used a Pringles can and take-out containers. Those were great because they created things for Superman to open and close. You might see behind his arm I got a little crazy during nap time and added a “computer”. I found a bunch of old labeling stickers and put the alphabet on the side, along with a rectangle of aluminum foil to create the screen.

spaceship detail

How to attach things can be tricky. I have used everything from hot glue to pipe cleaners and string. Everything works, and it really just depends on how sturdy you need it. For the steering wheel I used pipe cleaner so that he could turn it (When I tried hot glue he tore it off almost immediately). As always with hot glue, this was a mommy-only activity.

Photo Jun 24, 9 33 26 AM

Every spaceship is a little different. Last time we made one I had an egg carton that Superman insisted was for snacks. So I attached it to the side and it made for a pretty great snack tray. Great for when he watched a movie from the comfort of his spaceship later that day.

Photo Jun 24, 9 48 15 AMPhoto Jun 24, 9 48 00 AM

Do you have any favorite cardboard box crafts? Anything I’ve GOT to try? Let me know!

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