The essential list for a carsick kit

By Rae

It’s one of least glamorous parts of being a mom. When your tot outgrows the unassuming baby spit up and you are hurled into the world of full grown big kid puke. At about a year old Grace developed carsickness. By 18 months it reached its peak and she was carsick almost EVERY time we drove! The worst part was not the laundry, the smell, the baths, the sketchy areas we had to clean up at, or the missed events. It was the car seat. Taking it all apart, washing and drying everything and then the impossible task of putting it back together (while pregnant, crying, and supervising a toddler). This is stuff mom nightmares are made of. Luckily for you, my months of disgusting experience resulted in this essential list for a carsick kit! Keep all these items in your car so you have everything handy and don’t have to call your mother-in-law to come rescue you like I did.

Bjorn bib:
This went on as soon as we got in the car. It holds its shape so it’s a great catcher, it is easily washed due to the material. Get the two pack. There were times when this bib completely saved the day and we were able to just dump it out and keep going to our scheduled event without a full costume change.

Sea bands for kids:

Thank goodness my pediatrician told me about these! This was what ended up being the ultimate cure for us. Once in a while Grace will still want to wear them and asks for her “bracelets” when she needs them. It would be wise to keep a set in each car.





For cleanup:

Towels (I kept a full size, hand towel, and wash cloth size)

Garbage bags

Ziplock bags (for things you want to keep but need to be washed)


Disposable gloves

Scented hand sanitizer

For the tot:

Change of clothes including diaper/underwear and socks

Bottle of water (two-one for clean up, one to drink)

Bland crackers

A comb
For you-have this ready at home for your arrival:

Your favorite cocktail
Additional tips we found helpful:

-Before driving feed a light meal.

-Avoid dairy before getting in the car.

-Turn the car seat forward facing. Always follow safety guidelines!
American Academy of Pediatrics info on carseats

-Keep the car COLD. This one helped us a lot! It was borderline uncomfortable but it did make a difference decreasing the occurrence of carsickness before we discovered the sea bands.

-No reading in the car (this breaks my little teacher heart).

-My dentist told me not to brush teeth right away after vomiting, just rinse with water at first then brush a little later.
This flyer from the American Dental Association confirms that information 

-Check to see if an unknown hero has posted a you tube video disassembling and putting back together your car seat. This could save a lot of frustration.
Parents of carsick kids: I feel your pain! Please comment with tips that work for your family so we can all benefit!

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