8 ways to get a break when you can’t get away.

By Emi

We all need a break, the care and keeping of YOU is VERY important! But what about when you can’t physically get one? We all have our little escapes, and it’s important when you can to get a drink with your friends sans kids or go on a date night. Sometimes, though, it’s just you and the babies, with no break in sight! So here are some ways to stay sane when all you want to do is scream into your pillow.

  1. Go for a walk.
    Fresh air and exercise, could it BE any better for you? Even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing, strap the babes in the stroller and get out of the house!
  2. If by some miracle everyone is napping, take a nap!
    Let the chores or work or whatever was on your to-do list wait, get some shut eye yourself. For me the magic combo is when I wake up well before the kids do, so I’m not woken by crying or someone looking for me, and I can maybe get started on my to do list.
  3. Laugh.
    Easier said than done I know, but laughter really is the best medicine. Life with kids is messy, so try not to take it so seriously. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel if you just decide to see the fun side!
  4. Take a step back.
    Put on the kids’ favorite show and go get yourself some tea… or something a little stronger…
  5. Go to bed early.
    A rested momma is a happy momma. Ditch getting in that one show you never have time for or the next chapter in your book and catch some Z’s instead.
  6. Bathroom Break!
    The bathroom is a perfect place to take 5 because it is a room where privacy is usually expected (if your kids are older. If you have tots like me forget it) and… well let’s be honest, the door locks!
  7. Meet up with other parents.
    Sometimes, depending on the age of your kids and their mood on any given day, getting out can seem like a daunting task, but if you feel like it’ll work plan a play date. The kids can play and you and the other adults can vent about parenthood. Win-win!
  8. Get a chill-out mantra: here are some great ones from movies to help you out!

“Breathe through your eyelids.” – Bull Durham

“Just Keep swimming!” – Finding Nemo

“Goosfraba!”  – Anger Management

“Shut up now, I want you to relax.” – Zoolander 

“Enhance your calm.” – Demolition man. 

“Woosah!” – Bad Boys 2

Do you have any other tricks to chilling out when there is no break in site?

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