Beauty Products for Busy Moms

By Rae

Everything I need to know I learned from Birchbox.
This post is not sponsored by Birchbox (I wish!), I’m just a mom sharing my experience. Having Birchbox for the past year allowed me, and forced me, to try some new products. I’m so glad I got that little box every month to remind me that yes I have two kids, but I only get one face so I should be nice to it! Also the boxes are great for drawer organization or pretty little toy containers. We use them for flash cards!
In the past year here is what I learned: there are so many products that multitask for you! It is possible to leave the house looking like a put together mama without using a ton of products. I’m also pretty ingredient conscious and these brands are too.
 This works as blush and a light simple eyeshadow for busy mornings when you have to go somewhere and look like you are awake and making an effort to adult.
 Before I discovered this product I was convinced all mascara vials were full of lies and broken dreams. During my pregnancy with Gronk I lost my eyelashes to little stubs (yep add that to the list of weird shit that happens when you are pregnant). This mascara makes me look and feel like I have curled and lengthened my lashes without gross clumps. No joke.
 This moisturizing tinted cream doesn’t feel too heavy and you can wear with or without the Bare Minerals powder so it’s pretty versatile. It is also 30 SPF. I actually didn’t find this in a Birchbox, but decided to try it because few brands have light enough tints for this pasty mom.
 I love everything Coola. It feels amazing. The texture is unbelievably light. They all smell lovely. Just order this right now for summer it is all you need. Bonus- the cucumber will remind you to pick up some Hendricks.
  •  If you need just sunscreen for your face because you are not a “make up at the beach person” then-
1. We should be friends
2. Get the White Tea Sunscreen. I will wear it all year long!
 It smells like I just got a massage at the spa.  Use this to wash hair and body for a super speedy shower so you can go tend to crying little people.
 Because sometimes showers are a dream for another day. I cannot believe I did not discover dry shampoo until my 30’s. This stuff is a miracle! If you wanted to really go crazy, you could even wear your hair down.
 We all know the days of lip scrub, moisturizer, plumper, lipstick and gloss are over. This lip treatment is all you need! I moved from a humid climate to a dry climate and my lips and skin were suffering! This is all I use for my lips when I don’t need a color. I bought it for just about everyone on my list for Christmas, too.
 Just enough sheer color for every day to keep in the diaper bag.
 If you get the luxury of time to shave your legs, it might be asking a little much to also have time to get out and put on lotion right moms? This shave cream will leave your legs happy even if you can’t moisturize right away. The scent is pretty strong so if you are sensitive to that get the sampler so you can pick one you like.
 This product keeps its promise to cleanse and remove waterproof eye make up. ALL of it! I have tried so many cleansing cloths and makeup removing wipes and these are my favorite. They are gentle and completely effective.
Let us know if you try any of these products and share what you think!

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