Mobility madness

Welcome to the danger zone that is the one year old. This is the most  crazy, amazing and exhausting time in your life with a baby, mainly because this is your baby becoming a toddler. Twos and threes have their own catchy name but the one-ish age, which is incredibly difficult in it’s own right, lacks it’s own special name. I’m still working on that (any ideas? I feel a competition coming on…).

This is the time between when your baby learns how to crawl and learns how to walk confidently. It is pure and utter MADNESS, and even though it was crazy with my first kid, I honestly forgot how exhausting it was until little Rogue, who is almost one year old, entered this glorious stage of life. The never ending chasing starts now, parents!

Remember when you did all the baby proofing? This is the stage you were prepping for (or if you’re like me you might be suddenly baby proofing everything now… and quickly)! What was once a pretty breezy way of life – lay the baby here, sit her there… is now a madhouse of boundary testing every single day. On a regular basis you will find yourself exclaiming “how did you get THAT in your mouth!?”, “What is in your hand?” or “How did you get over there?” . Your kiddo is fast, real fast, and trying to get a hold of pretty much anything those chubby little fingers can grab onto… and then put it directly into their mouth. You will be amazed at your ninja-like mommy instinct. From across the room you will just KNOW when she has something in her mouth that she shouldn’t. It will amaze others. “How did you know she was chewing on that!?” they will ask, and you will sigh. You just know, it’s that look on her face… or the way she hurriedly crawled away and won’t look at you… yep, she’s chewing on a rock, or bug or small toy belonging to an older sibling that you were sure you picked up.

These kids are masters at learning faster than you can keep up. Out of nowhere they are attempting to walk, standing up without having to hold on to something and figuring out how to open cabinets. They have learned how to climb up, down and through whatever they please, and HATE the word no. Thought you knew what crying was before? Just wait until you tell this little explorer they cannot, in fact, eat dog fur. Screams of injustice shall reign down upon you in a manner which you have never quite experienced before. Seriously. You would think you were pinching the kid.

The hardest part about new mobility is trying to go ANYWHERE. The park is no good because she wants to get down and crawl/walk around kids much bigger than she. She is also keen on eating whatever she can find… yuk. Going to any indoor establishment is also a challenge. Again you find yourself wrestling with a constantly twisting, struggling tot, hell-bent on getting to the ground. If you don’t let her roam freely you are in for the screaming we were just talking about. So pick your poison, loud, protesting one year old or crawling/falling on the dirtiest ground imaginable. So during this time you may find yourself more than willing to stay home… all the time.

But what can you do? Just stick to your guns and try to laugh it off when in public. This is where you lay the ground work for those oh-so important boundaries. Is dismounting the bed head-first ok? Nope. Is eating anything you find on the floor ok? Nu uh. Is touching the oven ok? NO!

You’ll say “no” more than you thought was even possible, but the up-side is now they can actually understand what you mean. Will they hate it? Of course they will. But are they learning and growing as you set safe boundaries? You betcha. 😉 So good luck to those parenting in the madness that is new mobility… it’s a short but crazy time. Hang in there! It’ll all be over soon!


By Emi


  1. Yes!! It’s so very exhausting chasing after a little one who is becoming more mobile and independent by the minute! My daughter is 14 months old and has just started walking. Now I am trying to finish the baby proofing I started months ago but never finished! It’s amazing how quickly they grow and learn new things though.

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