A Dozen Kids Books That Will Make You Laugh!

By Rae

One of the first things I love to do with my babies when I bring them home from the hospital is read! Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all lecture-y about it, but research shows that babies are learning about language before they are even born! They are floating around in there just soaking up mom’s voice. This research is fascinating!

So reading is beneficial for these tiny little human sponges and can help set up routines early, too.

Now let’s be real. Some kids books are just mind numbingly boring. Grace can pick out some LAME library books and I get to read them over and over and over. Confession: I have learned to sneak in good ones and accidentally leave some of her picks at the checkout desk. Oh my gosh, I feel so mean admitting that. But this is a safe place, right?

Here is a list of my favorites that are genuinely fun for me to read and good for a giggle even for grown ups.

There is a Monster at The End of This Book

Oh Grover, such a scaredy cat. You will have fun pretending to pry open pages Grover has nailed together so you can’t get to the end.

Black Cat White Cat

Black cat and white cat hit it off and go on romantic expeditions learning about day and night. The ending has an adorable surprise. Great for babies and toddlers due to the simple illustrations and short text.

Little Blue Truck

Very satisfying plot. Like when someone cuts you off and then gets pulled over. But with a happy ending…for the children.

Dragons Love Tacos


These two are a little wordier and definitely more for preschoolers and above. Very entertaining reads with jokes that may go over the heads of little ones. They won’t mind because the illustrations are hilarious. I honestly can’t think of more entertaining topics than dragons eating tacos or weasels planning to take over the world. I would gift these to hesitant readers because they will win over any kid (and their parents will love you)!

This is Not My Hat

I Want My Hat Back

These books are indescribably funny. There is subtle foreshadowing in the illustrations that your toddler might not get yet (which I love), beautiful pictures, and shockingly harsh endings. Get these books, they never get old. The short and engaging text makes it a favorite for toddlers! Side note: I almost used the illustrations in these books in Gronk’s nursery are they are THAT cute.

Pout Pout Fish

The teacher in me loves the pattern and repetition. The parent in me loves being able to say: “Don’t be a pout pout fish!”
The I Love You Book

A cute rhythmic book that reminds me to say I love you when they are being adorable AND when they are being gross/loud/ridiculous. The bright colors and fun pictures are great for babies and toddlers!
The Night I Followed The Dog

First of all I love the font. Don’t judge me. The enjoyable part is that it makes you wonder what kind of human-like adventures your own dog would partake in at night. Mine would definitely be shakin it at the club spinning her collar in the air like a helicopter. She’s like that.
No Fits, Nilson

To be honest, when I began reading this book I thought the giant gorilla character was a little weird. By the end I felt like we need a Nilson! How have we gone this long without one? I find myself using the encouraging Gorilla eye-lock and whispering “No fits, Nilson” – which takes my toddler from mid-fit to cracking a smile in seconds.

Duck! Rabbit!

My favorite book to read aloud! You get to narrate two sides of an argument and you will begin to question just who’s side are you on? Check out The Petite Stag blog for some great thorough book reviews. I like the diversity of her picks and her appreciation for beautiful illustrations as well.
Happy Reading!

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