Simple & Affordable Kid Art Displays


We are pretty serious about arts and crafts over here.  There are so many great benefits! Such as:

-You can accomplish something around the house while your kids make a contained mess in the high chair.
-For birthdays and holidays you can put the kids to work and voila – free presents!
-You can fill empty wall space with something that doesn’t cost a thing and gives your children a sense of pride.
Now here are the problems I have run into:
-Kids want to hang up ALL THE THINGS so I need displays that can be switched out frequently.
-I am currently renting a home, so I can’t put a lot of holes in the wall that frames require. However, there are things I would like to cover up on the walls like gloomy boring paint.
-Glass gallery frames are so expensive! I am a SAHM and have to keep my Amazon problem in check these days.
-I want the flexibility to hang groups of items since we do projects at home and Grace brings things home from preschool.
Here are my top three ways to display children’s art that are affordable, interchangeable, and temporary.
1. String and Clothespins
FullSizeRender 2Only requires two tiny nails and you can hang up a whole group of items! I have several strands in various play areas throughout the house.
2. Gallery Frame

FullSizeRender 4
I love these affordable frames! The size is perfect for the project paper we buy. The frame is open (no glass) so you can throw in items with stuff glued on or layer! The slots on the side make it easy to switch out the art. I just set mine on a built in shelf but they could easily be hung on a wall (someday…).


3. Tack and Binder Clip
FullSizeRender 3
Okay this one isn’t the prettiest display but so simple and practically free. I needed to cover an ugly phone jack for my own sanity and couldn’t use a nail. It ended up being a cute spot in the kitchen to hang a picture. So now Grace usually draws while I make breakfast and we put it up for the day!
Hopefully you found something to inspire a little display in your home! Please share any ideas you have as well.

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