Making a Memory Box

I have always been big into “memory boxes”. Ever since I was a kid I would store away things I didn’t need but wasn’t willing to get rid of  just yet. They were tucked away into a box that slid under my bed, ready to be looked through when I felt like it, but easily put out of the way. I still have this box and it is filled with memories spanning from my childhood until now. The beauty of a box is that no organization is required. No glueing or cutting, you don’t even need to spend any money except to buy the actual box. These boxes can contain ANYTHING. Mine has everything from ticket stubs to shirts from events, photos, diaries, mixed tapes and cd’s (ah those were the days!)… the list goes on and on. I cherish this box. This box is ME. When I started to have my own kids it was important to me that they had a box too, one that I would start for them, but that they could add to as time went on with what was important to them. The idea is that as the kids get older they will take over the box and be in charge of what goes in it, but until that time it’s up to me to decide what is worth keeping. So if this is something you think would be cool to start, but aren’t quite sure where to begin, this guide is for you!

Photo Aug 23, 2 28 42 PM (1)


Step ONE: Get a Box

I got mine from TJ Maxx. They almost always have a good selection of sturdy cardboard boxes in cute designs for a reasonable price. (Tip: Keep an eye out for the clearance ones that are marked down for being a little banged up. Yours will end up with some wear anyway so why not just save the money and start with a box that’s not perfect?)
Another (arguably more practical) idea is to buy a plastic storage bin. These work nicely because they stand the test of time! They might not look as cute at first, but you could always decorate it yourself, or even better let your kiddo help you!

Photo Aug 24, 4 08 34 PM

The Next steps are the fun part… filling the box!

Step TWO: Collect EVERYTHING you have from the pregnancy/delivery.
Letters or cards you received while pregnant, ultrasound photos, the first little shirt/onesie they put your baby in at the hospital, the certificate of birth, any other freebies or gifts you got during your stay at the hospital (we got a hand written congrats signed by the hospital staff who took care of us! Awww!) Don’t forget that little blue and pink hat!Photo Aug 24, 4 13 26 PM

Step THREE: Collect Shower, Birthday, any other important occasion cards.
Gallon Zip lock bags are your best friend for this portion of the memory box. For your shower, every birthday, anything else they get cards for, put the cards in a large ziplock, label them, and put them in the box. As they get older you may find yourself eventually just picking a couple of cards to keep (rather than all of them), but then again the beauty of those gallon bags is they will fit every card your little one will receive!   I also kept the party games we played at my baby shower! For Rogue’s first birthday (bee themed) I kept some of the decorations along with the cork and foil to the Prosecco we opened on her birthday! Keeping little things from the party help add a little magic from events-passed to these bags. Another plus to the ziplock route? They are see-through, which is nice for reminiscing without taking everything out.

Step FOUR: Clothing.
Hold on to just a few pieces of clothing as they grow. These should be items that you wouldn’t give away, ones that were your favorites or seemed very “them”. The little teeny tiny onesies or outfits you just can’t bare to tuck into a bin or pass on to another family. Those are the ones you keep. But try to not go crazy… there is only so much room and you need to leave space for the years to come!

Photo Aug 24, 4 15 03 PM

So there is your starting point! As your kid grows you will probably find other things you just can’t bare to throw away, and now you have a place to put them! Is there anything I missed? What’s a must-have to start your baby a memory box? Give us your ideas below or on social media!

By Emi


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