One of “those” days

It’s 5:45 am and somehow I find myself  barely awake prepping breakfast for two very energetic yet unbelievably touchy children. That’s early even without getting up at least once in the night with each kid. It’s hard for even the most caffeinated parent to look at the day ahead with the intention of being the best mom or dad they can be! So this begs the question, how do you tackle a day with the younglings when all you want to do is pawn the kids off on whoever rings your doorbell next if it means a few more hours of sleep? 

Frankly I don’t have this one down to a science yet. I’m literally writing this on one of those mornings, first of many cups of coffee in my hand. So here’s how I try to tackle one of “those days”. 

Firstly whatever extravagant awesome fun thing I have planned is out the window. Why put myself in a situation that will almost guarantee one or all of us having a total meltdown? Take this as your invitation for a pj day. Mentally prep for a fight over everything you ask, and try not to boil over- it won’t help anything. Pick your battles, and by that I mean let a lot slide. As long as they aren’t being dangerous or gross let it go! Play simple games that aren’t too loud or stimulating and even though it’s tempting to, try not to let nap time happen way too early or else you’re doomed to repeat this tomorrow. 

Good activities are things like painting, playing pretend and dress up. It’s also a great day for popcorn and a movie. If you can muster up the energy go for a walk. The fresh air and exercise will help wake you up and it gets the kids out without running wild and over exhausting their already tired little bodies. My goal for days like this is to just make it to lunch. They can eat, then pass out. Napping through lunch always throws off the day, not to mention sometimes they wake up early from hunger! Napping is especially important because you need a nap too! This is not the day for chores. As soon as you hear snoring throw your comfy pants on and get back in bed! If all goes well the kids will nap, you will too, and you can start fresh in a couple of hours.

Do you have any techniques to tackling “those days”?

 Good luck tired momma, and may your kids sleep in tomorrow morning!! 


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