You might be a Mom Blogs Suck mom if…

Here’s the truth, mommin’ ain’t easy. Being a parent is the most incredibly fulfilling experience and our children make us deliriously happy… AND it’s really freaking hard every day. So if you are like us, you need to laugh (to keep from crying). Here’s a list of confessions and we are hoping you can relate.  If you are a Mom Blogs Suck mom please feel free to share and add to the list!

You might be a Mom Blogs Suck mom if you: 

  • Insert curse words into lullabies. Just softly, still lovingly, and only on the 5th time you are awake that night.
  • Pretend to spread peanut butter on the PB & J even though you have run out but you know your toddler won’t eat it if they know.
  • Tell your kids you have run out of whatever treat they won’t stop asking for.
  • Tell your toddler the battery died on the TV… or your phone, or an annoying toy that you took the batteries out of.
  • Tell your toddler there is coffee in something you don’t want to share (i.e. ice cream that you are eating before noon).
  • Do just about everything you said you would never do as a parent before you had kids. Such as but not limited to: TV, sugar, food in the car, bribes at the store, count to three.
  • Convince your child to do something you want them to because Elmo or Daniel Tiger does it.
  • Play “puppy” aka fetch with your child so you can lay on the couch because it’s 4pm and you haven’t sat down in ten hours.
  • Realize some of their first words are simply their favorite bribes… like chocolate, or tv… oops.
  • At bedtime say you’ll be back in “5 minutes” when in reality you won’t be back unless they start to yell for you. If there is no noise, you aren’t setting foot back in that room!
  • Look bewildered and amazed when fellow parents tell you they don’t want a glass of wine.
  • Love being a parent mostly so you can write down hilarious things your kids say and do so to have as leverage later in life.

    Got any to add? What makes you a Mom Blogs Suck Mom ?

– The Mom Blogs Suck Mommies 🙂

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