How to make a wedding kid friendly!

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Now  I know I’m preaching to the choir here. If you are reading this you most likely already have kids so you know what they need at an event to make it kid-friendly. Unless, by chance, you were sent this by a friend… as a helpful hint 😉

Oh weddings, you used to be so fun and care free, full of champagne and dancing. It’s a whole different kind of task bringing kids to a wedding. Rather than your biggest worry being which songs to sit out, and if this is your last drink, you are scouting out bathrooms, the “food situation”, water and activities. There is always the hope that you are at one of those weddings where at least some of those things are easy! You might get lucky, but most of the time you need to plan for some work ahead of you.  And honestly you can’t totally blame the the happy couple if you find yourself at a wedding designed for adults only. The truth is before you have kids you just don’t know what kids need. We didn’t “get it” before we had kids either. So I put together some helpful tips to make a wedding truly kid friendly!

Level ONE: Keep it simple. 

  • Crayons: (Like These).
  • Coloring pads/books/paper. (Some people make their own coloring books!)It’s really as simple as that! A small but significant gesture that says “hey kids, glad you’re here, we know you might be bored so here is something to do!” Another cute angle to this is it also serves as a keepsake for them!

Level TWO: A step above.

  • Kid snacks: It can be a late night for kids at a wedding. If it’s an evening event dinner is a bit later and bedtimes get pushed back. Make sure you have snacks on hand for them either at their table or at a kid-only snack bar (that way adults don’t pick it over before they have a chance to eat!)
  • Give them something to do! Weddings can get boring for kiddos, and they (and everyone else) will appreciate that they are staying busy! Some ideas are a coloring set like mentioned above, planned games (like corn hole) or a basket of bubbles (tip, get LOTS)!

Level THREE: Kid-topia!

Want to impress the socks off the kids and parents coming to your event?

  • Have kid food: Sure they can probably find something to eat from your planned menu, but if you really want to raise the bar have dedicated kid food! I mean, the adults get special food and drinks they are excited about, so why not indulge the kids too!
    For cocktail hour/pre-dinner snacks: Popcorn, cheese cubes, veggies, gold fish, pretzels, water, juice.
    Dinner Ideas: Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, pizza. (You know the stuff they love!)
  • A dedicated kids activity table: Just look on Pinterest, the ideas are endless (and awesome)! It could be board games, bubbles, activity booklets, crafts.
  • Dessert table: I know I know, the cake! But let’s face it, kids aren’t always that into the fancy wedding cakes. Make it a wedding for them to remember with cookies, brownies or cupcakes and of course don’t forget the milk!

Do you have any other must-haves for a “kid friendly” wedding? Ever go to one that was just so amazing you were kind of jealous of the kids? Please share below!


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