7 baby shower gifts she REALLY needs!

I’m a big fan of off the registry baby gifts. At my own showers I loved the gifts from experienced moms who really knew what I needed. My favorite gifts though, are always the ones that make me laugh! You know, the ones that make you crack up even though you are sitting in a chair in the middle of a living room opening the gifts you already looked at online while you are sweating and wearing a giant dress you paid way too much for and you are the only one not drinking champagne. But I digress…

Here is a list of gifts that will make a mama to be smile.
1. It’s been 9 months. Treat the mama-to-be with her first cheers after the baby! Pick out a nice bottle of vino and one of these cute glasses:

2. Innapropriate “kids” books. These are definitely NOT for the kids!

3. Everybody loves a beautiful organic baby blanket. This one also states the truth:

4. Fake them out with a hilarious gift box like this one! Then put a cute outfit for baby inside.

5. A journal can be a great outlet for hormonal new moms. This one is specifically designed to help someone stop freaking out! You could also include a blank journal for the mom-to-be to write notes to the new baby, with some nice pens.

7. One of my favorite gifts to put together is a New Mom Survival Kit, because we all know how survival mode feels! Check out the one I linked above for inspiration!
Happy Shopping! – Rae

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