Guilt-free tv shows

Most of us are ok with letting our kids watch  a little tv. I mean, I know the whole “no screen time before age 2” rule… but for most of us that just isn’t realistic. Then even after 2 years television will happen, so what to watch? Rae and I listed our top shows we don’t feel guilty about putting on for the kiddos:

1.Sesame Street (HBO, Hulu)
This one is a no brainer and obviously #1. It has been around for so long for a reason! This show is entertaining and educational AND fun for kids and adults alike.

2.Daniel tiger (pbs)
I’m sure you’ve heard all about the study done that indicated pre schoolers who watched this show were better socially prepared for interacting with peers, right? All of us moms and dads gave ourselves a big pat on the back for that one. Click here for the article.

3. Super Why (pbs, Netflix)
I love love love this adorable little show. It teaches problem solving and reading in a very approachable and fun way. It is my pre schooler’s favorite.

4.Jim Henson’s Word Party (Netflix)
I stumbled upon this by accident on Netflix. I am a huge Jim Henson fan so I was already hooked. It is adorable and can be a little annoying (not gonna lie) but my pre schooler laughs out loud and learns new words every show.

5. Little Einsteins (Disney Channel, Netflix)
This one is pure fun. Yes the kids get introduced to classical music and art but I honestly don’t know how much of that will really stick. It’s already been determined by studies that the “mozart effect”, or listening to classical music in infancy, does not really increase IQ. So I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in “Oh my baby is learning about Beethoven!” and just embrace the cuteness of it all. The show teaches problem solving and also gets the kids physically involved by asking them to pat, dance and sing. I will say I do think this show helps develop an early concept of keeping rhythm!

6. Leap Frog’s Phonics Farm (Netflix)
Also found by accident (and was so mad I didn’t find it sooner) this is a cute show that teaches the alphabet. I had tried and tried to get my late-talker interested in singing the alphabet or practicing letter sounds. This show jump started his interest. He loved the characters and happily said the letter sounds along with them. I was thrilled and this is now one of our favorites.

7. El perro y el gato (HBO)
A cat and a dog teach vocabulary in English and Spanish. I think we can all agree a little (or a lot) of Spanish language is a good thing in early childhood. After all it’s a known fact that the earlier you learn a second language the better!

8. Scholastic Video collection like: chicka chicka boom boom and trashy town.
Can’t go wrong with these!

Do you have any that are on your guilt-free list? Please share!



  1. Totally relate to this post. We are just jumping aboard this train. We are getting into a habit of putting baby in bed with us on weekend mornings and putting on cartoons. It’s funny because my little will intermittently watch for maybe a total of 3mins and my husband and I end up watching them and say to each other “are we really watching this!” lol. We’ve been watching Dinosaur Train, Bob the Builder & Thomas and Friends.

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