Autumn in Chicago with Kids


We had a trip last week to our old stomping ground… Chicago. It’s where my husband and I had our young, no responsibility, love. We lived in a shoe box of an apartment in the center of Lincoln Park, owned no cars, went out every weekend, ate whatever we wanted to… good times. We were a young couple with nothing but time on our hands. While I love my life now, and would never trade what I have now for how it used to be, it’s fun that we had that time together. We had not been back since before we became parents. When my husband somehow under the influence of tequila decided to sign up for the Chicago marathon we had the perfect opportunity to go back and show the babies around!

Chicago is a wonderfully kid-friendly place, full of parks, museums and public transport that makes getting around a breeze. One of our favorite attractions is the Lincoln Park Zoo. It is free (but always accepting donations) and we were lucky enough to be there during their Fall Festival! Not only did we spend time looking at all the animals but the kids got to ride rides, wander around a hay-maze and “swim” in a pool of corn! We had so much fun we tossed naps out the window and stayed almost all day. (This may or may not have come back to bite us in the butts…)


After a full day at the zoo we walked back to where we used to live and visited one of my favorite places in the entire world… Molly’s Cupcakes. This cupcake shop was once a regular hang out for me. I could often be found sitting on one of their bar swings to finish work or just read. It was always an easy choice to call second home because their cupcakes are just as good as their coffee! Our kids (especially 3-year-old Superman) were so excited about the colorful . These cupcakes don’t just have amazingly creative names but come in all the best flavors!


I don’t know if it was the weather (blue skies, crisp air), or just walking around somewhere so familiar, yet so distant in my memory, but the day was one to remember. It had only been 5 years since we lived in Lincoln Park, but SO much has changed in 5 years. We’ve lived in three states, changed jobs many times, had two kids. The feeling of being back and sharing with our kids was just short of magical. It was one of those days when you just try to soak it all up. I kept looking around and thinking “remember this, be present, ingrain this in your memory”. Needless to say took A LOT of photos.

If you have a place like this, an old date spot, the place you met, a trip you took together before kids, share it with your little ones! The nostalgia is unmissable, and you will love watching your minis run around where you two once walked hand in hand. Share your spot like this below!



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