7 Toys Baby Won’t Outgrow

When I had my first baby I was constantly googling “Best toys for ____
months” and buying toys specific for each little developmental
milestone to make sure I was checking all the little boxes.  You know
what happened? I had a box full of toys (and an embarrassing amount of
money going to Target) that my babies played with for about a day or
two until they mastered a skill and then grew bored with that toy. Now
that I have two kids I appreciate toys they can both play with, and
share over months and even years.  Here is a list of toys that my one
year old and three year old seem to never outgrow! Use this list to
save yourself some money, or buy gifts that siblings can enjoy

  1. Juggling Scarves

My tot loves pulling these out of containers or balls. Anything that makes him feel like he is making a mess makes him happy and keeps him busy. My daughter uses them for creative play and comes up with tons
of games, sorting, dancing, and movement with songs. My husband even juggles with them. Fun for the whole family!




2. Instruments

This is a great family activity. We usually break out this adorable
kit and all join in. I have added in some shakers that we have made
from things around the house, too.




3. Linking Letters

So affordable! I originally bought these to keep an 18 month old busy
on a 5 hour flight and they were perfect for that purpose. To my
amazement they are still popular almost two years later! Babies can
chew on them, preschoolers can search for letters and start building
words! They also make great bath toys, and can be linked to a gate or
laundry basket so baby can practice prying them off. Gronk would work
on this for quite a while. Long enough for me to make a pb&j or some
other amazing feat.



4. ShapeMags

These are a little pricey but worth every penny. Put them on your
holiday shopping list! I always recommend these for gift ideas when friends ask what to get a two or three year old for a gift. This will grow with your child for years as they develop more skills and
creative thinking throughout the elementary years. My favorite thing is when Grace builds little boxes around the house and Gronk crawls around smashing them. Grace loves to build houses for her animals and dolls and has even branched out to furniture now. She’ll probably be an architect because of these toys, ha! Mom bonus: easy to CLEAN!


5. Activity Cube

Every few days my two kiddos will sit and pick a side of this adorable
activity cube to play with at the same time and I feel like a total
supermom. It’s mostly parallel play, but its a start! One fun feature
of having this over the years is seeing how my preschooler has noticed
new things about it such as the letters on the spinning squares. An
added bonus: I often move this around to use for baby proofing. Its a
great to place in front of gaps in furniture baby keeps trying to
crawl through!

6. Books

Don’t get me started on how obsessed I am with kids books.  I have
bins in almost every room: Library bin, bathroom books, bedtime books,
seasonal books, board books (which obviously I need doubles of because
Gronk occasionally still eats pieces of them). My dream is that Grace
will read to Gronk and I try my hardest to convince her it would be
the coolest thing ever but for now they just browse through their tubs
at least in the same room. This is my favorite time of day and makes
me completely giddy. Today’s lesson is never hesitate to give books as
a gift! If they already have it then each sibling can have their own!
Put a handwritten note on the inside cover. Grace looks for notes now
and we always read them before we begin the book and talk about the
person who gifted it. So special! 


7. Stacking Cups

Stacking cups are one the best baby toys. So many skills are practiced
trying to stack them, nest them, bang them together, and knock them
down. It’s a staple. My preschooler still plays with them! They are a
great water toy, pretend cooking, measuring, and more. The ones we
have have shapes on the bottom so she can “stamp” into play dough as
well. Overall mom award for affordability, durability, number of uses,
and best of all you can throw them in the dishwasher.

Thanks for reading! Share this post with a friend who has a growing
family for their registry.  Post your favorite, timeless toy below.



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