Family Halloween Costumes! (ideas and tips)


It’s almost Halloween! We love it in this family! It’s so fun to plan something together, which is easier when the kids are younger and don’t need much of a say, although we have designed our outfits around what our preschooler loves before. Before we had kids my husband and I started the tradition of group costumes when we realized how into halloween we both were! Doing a couples costume seemed like a no brainer and it was always fun to come up with ideas together. The two of us our fond of our ideas back then and dressed as characters such as the Phantom of the Opera and Christine, Little red Riding Hood and the huntsman and Agents Mulder and Scully. We were excited to extend the tradition when our family started to grow and each year we scour the internet for inspiration. So I’ve complied a list below of our favorites, some we have done, and some we hope to do someday!

  • Back to the Future:
    Mom- Lorraine
    Dad- Marty McFly
    Kid- Doc
  • Jurassic World:
    Mom- Claire
    Dad – Owen
    Kids – Dinosaurs!
  • Star Wars (old school):
    Mom – Leia
    Dad- Han Solo
    Kids – Ewoks, Luke, R2D2, Yoda, Chewbacca
  • Star Wars (The Force Awakens):
    Mom- Rey
    Dad – Finn
    Kids – BB8, R2D2
  • Little Red Riding Hood:
    Mom- Grandma
    Dad – Huntsman
    Kids – Little Red, Wolf
  • Batman Villans:
    Any combination!
    Poison Ivy, Two Face, Riddler, Cat Woman, Harley Quinn, Joker…
  • The Labyrinth:
    Mom – Sarah
    Dad – Jareth:
    Kids – Toby, Sir Didymus, The worm, Guards.
  • Peter Pan:
    Wendy, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Hook, Smee, Crocodile, John, Michael, Mermaid, Lost Boys.
  • Toy Story:
    Buzz, Woody, Bo Peep, Jessie.

*Tips and Tricks:

Ready made costumes are expensive and not great quality. Skip the halloween stores and visit some of your local thrift shops and consignment stores! We always find what we need at sores like this, then it just calls for sewing/altering/adding things as needed. It is usually low maintenance in the sewing department, and way easier on the wallet than store bought costumes.

Try to get one good family picture. It can be a hard thing to capture with little kids but it’ll be worth the 23 takes and bribing with candy to have that memento of you all dressed up! We have started decorating a wooden frame from a craft store each year and adding our latest family costume photo to display at halloween. Oh the cuteness!

Well that’s it from me! Happy Halloween!


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