7 MORE ways to make extra money on the side

You don’t have to buy into those schemes that make you shell out hundreds of dollars before you actually make any money. There are ways to make extra money on the side that are free to start! They are not going to get you rich quick, they probably wont make you rich at all, but they can score you some much needed extra dough, enough to pay for a babysitter and a night out, or help pay some bills. If you haven’t read my first edition of these kinds of jobs look here . Below are an additional 7 to help you make extra money!

1.Nanny in your own home.
You won’t believe how many people need help with affordable childcare. I know I listed care.com and sittercity.com last time, but I have now experienced MORE ways to get connected with people who need childcare. I recently found people on nextdoor.com and local Facebook groups who needed part-time, flexible care for their children, who are around the same ages as my own kids. I offer affordable rates and provide food, whole milk and wipes for diaper changes. They bring diapers, one-two changes of clothing and cups for milk and water. DONE. I appreciate some extra income and the parents like having an affordable and flexible option. You could even offer something especially for the holidays if you are around then. (Kids will be out of school and parents might still be working or might need a little kid-free time for shopping.)

2. Uber Eats
Like the idea of uber but not crazy about driving around a bunch or strangers? Uber Eats is for you! This is all about picking up food someone has ordered and already paid for, and you deliver it to their home. You don’t even get out of the car.. they come out and get it. PERFECTION. Learn more here: https://www.uber.com/signup/drive/deliver/

3. Secret shopper app: Field Agent
Use your smart phone to collect photos, videos or information for local businesses to help them improve how they serve customers. Download the app and claim an open job in your area. Complete the job and earn some money! http://app.fieldagent.net

4. Odd Job Nation
This site doesn’t have quite as much as it could in terms of listed jobs, but it could catch on so I would look into it! It is a place to find odd jobs for just about anything in your area. Check it out at: http://www.oddjobnation.com/about

5. Join Postmates
This site is all about connecting people with what they need, when they need it. Sign up to deliver goods from store to customer whenever you have time, around your own schedule. Details here: https://postmates.com/apply

6. Become a “dasher”
This is another great website for delivering goods from business to the people who need them. Not in as many cities as others, but they might be in yours! Sign up on their website and work on your own schedule! Easy Peasy! Check out the website for more: https://www.doordash.com/dasher/apply/

7. Be a “looker”

Now I don’t mean you can make money being your awesome attractive self… well I guess some people do. But the website/app https://wegolook.com/lookers, is full of opportunities for people to use their phone to check out “on site data” and collect images via their smart phone for companies. A background check is required. Check out the website for more!

Do you know of  any great and easy ways to make some extra money? Share below!


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