Baking with the kids!

Yesterday  was one of those fall days where the sun just wasn’t around. We get a lot of those. For a nice change of pace on a day like this, Superman (3) wandered around the kitchen after breakfast and found the aprons. He wanted to wear a specific one and he wanted to make something. I was hesitant. I love to bake, but baking with the wee ones always ends up being excitement from everyone until things start to really get going, then the kids abandon ship and go off to play with something, and I am left to either ditch the entire thing or finish up alone.

This time, though, he was determined, so I was equally determined to make it work. We started by “picking out a recipe”. I had already decided to make something simple from a recipe I already had, but I laid some cook books out on the floor and let the kids mark their favorites with post-it notes. They loved it and it at least helped us settle on what to make: sugar cookies!

Next I got the kids involved in helping me find ingredients. I pulled this wonderful and easy Sugar Cookie Recipe  up on the laptop and read out ingredients one at a time for us to locate and collect on the counter. Big plus to this recipe is it’s a small batch! So if you are like me and end up eating ALL the cookies, you won’t have to worry TOO much!

The kids helped me add each ingredient. I would measure and they would each pour into the bowls. Even Rogue (1) helped! There was a mess, mind you, but you have to go into it knowing and deciding you just don’t care!

One great thing about cooking or baking together is it gives you an opportunity to go over kitchen safety rules. We talk about the preheating oven and how it is hot (“danger! danger!”) and we also go over the rules about the mixer (the things my nightmares are made of…) so we are very careful.

I was surprised Superman and Rogue were interested the entire process. We mixed it up, all of us rolled the dough into balls for the pan, and we were excited to see how they changed after a mere 10 minutes. It was an awesome morning activity. Cleaning up was not as fun but still a group activity! So if you’re looking for a great recipe to do with your kiddos this one has my seal of approval! Enjoy!

(Oh and for the icing we just made a simple buttercream and used green food coloring!)

Happy Baking! -Emily

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