DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas 


Here are some quick and easy ways to make wrapping all those holiday gifts more affordable and personal!
1. Use newspaper (funny pages) or old maps with twine or matching ribbon.
2. Use paper bags, with the blank side showing, and let the kiddos decorate with holiday stickers or stamps. Then while you are wrapping the rest of the gifts they are BUSY.
3. Snag some red and green paint samples from the hardware store to use as gift tags. Using metallic sharpies like these  looks really nice! You can use a hole punch and tie the tags on with ribbon or use double sided tape and have the kids stick them on the packages. For a fun look you can cut the edges with edger scissors.
4. Find cute free printable gift tags online like these from Uncommon Goods
P.S. Don’t blame me if you end up spending the next hour on this website. They have some really fun gifts! I may or may not have ordered the Himalayan Shot Glasses.
So this year just say no to wrapping paper! You don’t have to worry about the expense, the waste, or storing it!

Happy Wrapping!


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