Why I’m done with Rudolf…

I think I’m done with Rudolf…

Look, I love the idea of watching the movie Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer with my own kids as much as the next parent. Reliving my childhood through my kids, something that’s been seen for generations, it’s priceless… There is something about that feeling you get in the beginning of that movie that takes you right back to being a little tot, sitting in your pj’s, Christmas tree lighting up the room. It’s magical. So to say I might be jumping off the Rudolf train might seem like a crazy notion. He’s an tradition! What is Christmas without Rudolf!? Well… thanks to parenthood this cute little movie just doesn’t feel the same anymore once I get re-introduced to Rudolf himself.. not sure what I mean? Here are my 5 reasons I think I am turning my back on Rudolf.

1.Santa is super mean.
Sure in the end he sees that Rudolf’s nose is actually useful and let’s him pull the sleigh because he needs to get through the storm … but other than that the guy is a jerk. He tells Rudolf’s dad he should be ashamed because of his son’s nose. When I put this on for my toddler for the first time I actually cringed at this… not exactly what you expect ol’ Chris Kringle to say. Santa is also totally rude to the elves who have been working really hard on that song for him. He listens, clearly annoyed, tells them it needs work and leaves. What. A. Jerk.

2. Ruldolf’s Dad is also a jerk.
You would think his dad would have his back but instead he puts Rudolf down and makes him feel like crap. Not exactly father of the year.

3. Why can’t the does pull Santa’s sleigh too?
They are literally eye candy in this movie and it’s another cringe worthy moment for me. I don’t want my daughter watching this movie thinking she can’t do all the things her brother can, but that’s the message it’s sending. Clarice is at least a somewhat admirable character; befriending Rudolf even when he’s an outcast and leaving her own family to join in the search for Rudolf… (although anyone else think it’s weird she just left.. and as far as we know her *yet another jerk* dad didn’t care??)

4.The whole thing is a little creepy.
Whether it’s the animation or the abominable snowman I know a lot of adults that are not a fan of this movie simply because it gives them the heebie jeebies. While I do think the animation is pretty cool considering it came out in the 1960’s, it can’t be denied that there are some parts that are just plain scary. My son hid the first time the abominable snowman appeared and frankly I remember hating that part as a kid.

5. Did the misfit toys even MAKE it to kids’ houses??
Umm… at the end they are totally just given an umbrella and tossed out of the sleigh… who knows where they actually ended up.

So this movie is OFF the list, and I do literally mean The List. Each year after thanksgiving my husband and I tackle our Christmas Movie list. It is a flexible list, things can be added or taken away each year as new movies come out or we decided CERTAIN movies are no longer to our liking. In case you would like to watch some of our favorite holiday movies, here is our list! (Must all be watched by Dec. 25th!)

For the Family:


•Home Alone

•Home Alone 2

•The Santa Clause

•The Muppet Christmas Carol

•White Christmas (family friendly but younger ones might find it boring)

•The Grinch (Cartoon)

•The Grinch (Jim Carrey)

•The Polar Express


For the Parents: 

•Four Christmases

•Die Hard

•National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

•I’ll be home for Christmas (JTT in all his glory!) 

•Love Actually


Got any to add? What’s a traditional holiday movie in your family?

Happy movie watching!



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