How to make a newborn shadow box!

fullsizerenderWhen both my babies were born they received those cute little pink and blue hats from the hospital. Those things are just the sweetest and so tiny! They also both happened to get special knit hats as well! My son got one from my aunt that looks like Yoda. My daughter happened to be there when the nurses had gotten together and made little hats as gifts for the newborns! So they both ended up with their own little unique knitted hat! I knew I wanted to keep these hats forever but tucking them away in their memory box just wasn’t quite what I had in mind, so I put together these little shadow boxes! They were really simple and these shadow boxes are easy to use and not that expensive! You can put anything in a box like this, but this is what I put in mine:

  1. Hospital Hat, those little pink and blue ones!
  2. The other hat they were given in the hospital.
  3. Music: For the background I printed off the sheet music for one of the songs I sing to them.

Some other ideas to put in your shadow box:

  • The comb, measuring tape and other keep sakes from the hospital.
  • Card someone sent you to congratulate you
  • The baby’s name (in blocks or those wooden letters from craft stores would be cute!)
  • Pages from a baby book you plan to read to them (or maybe recreate it on the computer and print it off)
  • Their first shirt/outfit they wore
  • Socks
  • Birth announcement
  • Photo

The list goes on and on! Anything that means a lot to you, that makes you think of that first day together is a great idea for a keepsake box!

Happy Crafting!


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