Booze & Bras

Nothing and I mean nothing quite prepares you for the way your body changes after having a baby. It is a little different for everyone, and it also differs pregnancy to pregnancy. Your body changing can mean an array of things from having trouble shedding extra weight, to weighing the same or even less than before you got pregnant, yet still not quite fitting into clothing the same way as before. It can be frustrating. For the most part we moms deal with these body changes without having to totally buy a new wardrobe… but there is one, very important area, that you just can’t “deal” with and that my friends is boobs. Your boobs change A LOT throughout pregnancy. They can change from the very beginning of pregnancy, and continue to change, then change again post birth and again once your milk comes in… our poor poor breasts, they go through a lot. So it’s no wonder once we are done with breastfeeding they can look… well a little underwhelming. Maybe you look down and feel quite as pizzazz-y as before, or maybe you just want a bra that actually fits. Either way supporting those ever-changing breasts is so important! So Rae and I took to the mall, determined to find bras that actually fit.

We of course stopped first for a GIANT beer… because who can bra shop sober?

Once sufficiently buzzed we were off to the shops and here is what we learned.

  1. Bra shopping is a LOT more fun with a friend.
  2. You are not the size you think you are:We went online, measured ourselves just like the website said and we were STILL wrong. We tried on the size bigger or smaller and were STILL wrong. So I say toss all the measuring out the window. Grab a variety of sizes and just see where you’re at.
  3. Different brands will fit you differently:As if the above wasn’t enough, different brands will vary… so once you find a brand that works for you and the size that feels good BUY THEM ALL.
  4. You are looking for comfort and support:There are a lot of guidelines out there for how a bra should fit, at the end of the day make sure it feels good and is making contact with your skin everywhere. It shouldn’t be lifted in places or too loose either.
  5. Try not to stress!You might hate it, but if you can laugh at yourself you will have a lot more fun! So take a girl friend and try to laugh off the fact that you can’t fill the cup you used to, or are bigger than you might like. You are gorgeous, lady! So find a bra that makes you feel like it!
  6. Don’t forget the beer… you’ll thank me! ;)Happy Shopping! – Emi xx

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